We signed up for Verisign CNAM, so I'm starting to work on the CNAM Query piece of the equation (the CNAM Storage side is relatively straightforward). Specifically the fun Verisign specs (apparently claimed by Verizon under patent application 20080240383).

Looking into the source for Yxa it seems I should be able to get things together relatively easily, assuming I can get something similar to active_subscriber in place, and write a callingname_package to handle the specs. At this time I think I'll interface FreeSwitch via (Javascript? Lua?) to a REST/Yaws web server that will query first an ets table (for example if we want to pre-store some data, like our own customers) and if nothing is present, forward to Yxa. The details will emerge over the next few days.

This should be fun. :} (I've actually wanted to write this code for a very long time, and the time has finally cometh!)

Update: The code is now in production. I left the ets idea out for now, and implemented the FreeSwitch module in Perl because I couldn't package Javascript-Curl on Debian; but the outline above is what I implemented. I'll post the code on the yxa list once I'll have a chance to clean it up.

Update(2): The code has been posted.

posted: 2009-01-21 23:47 tags: erlang, Yxa

Written on January 21, 2009