Yxa CNAM code posted

I finally cleaned up my Yxa/erlang code for Verisign CNAM and released it. In the configuration we're using in production, the server (running Yaws embedded inside Yxa) is essentially a web-to-SIP gateway for CNAM query; the web queries are generated by Perl clients inside FreeSwitch, which take care of updating the SIP From fields for the INVITEs.

You can find my code on github -- this is Yxa SVN release 1686, with my CNAM additions/changes.

I also provide a template which should go in ~yxa/src/event/ybed.erl and needs to be adjusted to your local settings. This file runs Yaws embedded inside Yxa in order to trigger the SIP events.

As seen on the Yxa-Devel list

posted: 2009-04-03 21:10 tags: CNAM, erlang, yaws, Yxa

Written on April 3, 2009