French for FreeSwitch

After Neuronnexion paid for Philippe Leroy and Sibylle Luperce to record french audio prompts for FreeSwitch, I updated mod_say_fr to match them.

There are more audio files to come, but I need to come up with proper filenames for them. I'll add them to the repository at once this is ready.

We recorded non-France prompts in the archive, like septante, octante, nonante. I don't know the different locales (Belgium, Canada, ...) well enough to be able to do anything useful with them; but if someone does I'll be happy to update mod_say_fr to match. We could for example use a LOCALE channel variable to track the actual locale; this would also allow to use the proper monetary units by default.

posted: 2010-02-20 22:14 tags: freeswitch, french

Written on February 20, 2010