Jack and PulseAudio

I want Jack as the main interface to the hardware, but PulseAudio is supported by many applications (like 0ad). I finally got things to work; essentially I start jack as usual (using qjackctl at session startup), then I needed to tweak Pulse to only use jack.

The configuration files for Pulse are in ~/.config/pulse; I ended up reading the manual pages for pulse-client.conf, pulse-server.conf, etc. I copied client.conf, daemon.conf, and default.pa from /etc/pulse, then:

  • in client.conf, set
    default-sink = jack_out
    default-source = jack_in
    although this is not necessarily required, I guess.
  • in daemon.conf, I commented out / removed the section that attempts to load module-udev-detect.so, and added load-module lines for module-jack-sink and module-jack-source (these are in package pulseaudio-module-jack); finally, added
    set-default-sink jack_out
    set-default-source jack_in

The definitive trick is the removal of the udev module. Also module-jackdbus-detect.so doesn't do what you think it would.

Tags: audio, jack, pulseaudio

Written on August 3, 2013