– layout: post title: FreeSwitch’s file interfaces –

Note that src/switch_core_file.c will interpret a file location containing SWITCH_URL_SEPARATOR (the :// sequence) as a stream (in which case the part before the separator is used to locate the interface); while others will be interpreted as files (in which case the part after . is used to locate the interface). For files, the content of (internal) header spool_path, or the content of variable audio_spool_path, is used for writing (if no path is specified).

In all cases, variables between brackets are accepted, and the switch core recognizes: - timeout - modname - samplerate - channels - ab, cbr, vb (absolute / constant bit rate / variable) bandwidth - vb, vw, vh, fps, vbuf, vencspd (slow|medium|fast), vprofile (baseline|medium|fast) - try_hardware_encoder